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What is From Field To Energy?

The international From Field to Energy project was created with the aim of using local biomass resources to obtain electricity and heat. In its activities, the Polish-Norwegian project also takes into account the acquisition of solar energy based on photovoltaic panels.

By installing state-of-the-art photovoltaic installations, heat pumps or low-emission heating boilers, you will become part of the From Field to Energy program. Our program is dedicated to cities, communes, enterprises and individual recipients who want to take advantage of the latest solutions of world technology. Renowned Polish and Norwegian universities and research institutes participate in From Field to Energy projects.

Basic assumptions of the Program

The goal of the From Field to Energy program is to minimize air pollution from households, agriculture and the industrial sector. Detailed surveys conducted by us enable the selection of an appropriate strategy for a given region. By producing local fuels, we prevent energy poverty and stimulate economic activity in a given area.

From Field to Energy shows the latest achievements of global technology in the field of heat and energy generation. Our priority is to create an ecological, cheap and effective source of energy. Another aspect of our activity is the introduction of solutions optimizing the management of energy costs, with entrepreneurs in mind. Our goal is also to provide young people with the necessary knowledge about environmental protection.

Smart City - City of Your Dreams

The From Field to Energy project deals with comprehensive services for cities and municipalities. Change your place on Earth into a modern and ecological neighborhood with us. Adapt your home and business to the latest and future-proof technological solutions.

Electric car charging stations

Energy from the sun’s rays

Autonomous transportation

Intelligent energy harvesting

Cost optimization

Energy storage

See what autonomous transport looks like
How do we protect the environment?


heat pumps

Low-emission heating boilers

Biochar production

Sewage sludge

management Program history

History od Program
  • Start of the From Field To Energy program
    First projects and orders.
  • The official opening of the program
    The inauguration of the program in the presence of the Norwegian ambassador and his wife at the state headquarters of the NLI. The meeting was attended by: Prof. dr hab. Jędrzej Krupiński – Director of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Herbut - Deputy Director of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Filipowicz – employee of AGH, dr Tomasz Mirowski – employee of AGH, Eng. Waldemar Majka – President of the Experimental Department of the National Research Institute of Animal Production Rudawa Sp. z o.o., Dr. Eng. Andrzej Jurkiewicz – Director of the Experimental Department of the National Research Institute of Animal Production Rudawa Sp. z o. o. Arild Skaaland - Owner of the concern, Radosław Rusiński - Director of Serigstad The Norwegian side was represented by: Enok Nygaard - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Warsaw, Ewa Kwast - Employee of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Warsaw, Marian Mikołajski - Consul of the Kingdom of Norway in Krakow.
  • Development of the project from the PAN
    Cooperation agreement with the Institute of Economy of Mineral Resources and Energy of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
    Inauguration in Bachledówka.
  • Hydrogen - Generation and storage
    Nel - Our technology enables people and businesses to use hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, every day.
  • Production of hydrogen fuel - Nel company in Poland
    Poland purchases equipment enabling the production of hydrogen fuel from the world leader in the field of hydrogen solutions. This project is an ideal step towards the complete elimination of harmful substances emitted by transport.
  • Collaboration with Nordic Edge
    A visit from Stavanger City to the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis. Nordic Edge / Smart City
  • Presentation at COP24
    Presentation of innovative solutions.
  • The transport of the future
    Development of autonomous means of transport in Poland together with Nordic Edge
  • We reduce the amount of troublesome sewage sludge in Tarnów
    The installation, created in cooperation with the global company Cambi, can help to reduce the number of nuisance sewage sludge, i.e. what remains after the sewage treatment process, even four or five times. Thanks to this, their odor nuisance, sometimes felt by local residents, will also be significantly reduced. Sewage sludge contains energy, biomass, from which biogas is obtained through fermentation, and from it - electricity and thermal energy. Installation helps in their recovery.
  • Photovoltaics in the program
    GBC Solino together with Polska Fotowoltaika i Energia are the operators of the photovoltaic part of the From Field to Energy program. GBC Solino has over 20 years of experience in the solar panel market.
The Form Field To Energy project in the Norwegian media
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So much has already been accomplished, and we can do even more!

The Kalwaria commune implemented our program.


Inauguration of the Norwegian programs and the project from field to energy for Podhale municipalities.

Podhale Communes together with From Field To Energy.


The city of Zakopane is preparing for an interesting program…

Pure Zakopane. -


Cooperation of the City of Jordanów with the Institute of Mineral Resources and Energy Economy of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków

Actions taken to reduce low emission in Jordanów.


Our clean planet

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From Field to Energy project office: Institute of Mineral Resources and Energy Management of the Polish Academy of Sciences st.

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